2015 Calendar

studentsCalendar 2015 is a website run by a group of three students from a university in the United Kingdom. Their names are John, Ted and Amy. They live in London and Manchester and they are about to graduate from university!

They started this website as a way for its viewers to read about significant events that happened in 2015. They will show things that happened around the world in pop culture, politics, and even natural disasters. Basically just anything that someone could think of that happened throughout the year! You will be sure to find it on this website.

This is a very creative way that these students have found to display current events. Well, events that happened in the previous year. It’s also very convenient to have all of this displayed on a website so that people across the globe will be able to see and read what they have to say about the year!

The Famous Wedding Anniversary of 2015

anniversaryThe world has fallen in love with the royal couple whom many affectionately refer to as William and Kate when speaking about them. They have charm, charisma, kind spirits and genuine ways about them. They seem happy and comfortable when they are out and about among the common people, always ready to smile, wave, greet and say hello.

The couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on April 29, 2015. This indeed is a famous wedding anniversary to remember and that has been commented on by many news reporters and journalists around the globe. This anniversary proved to be very interesting as people suspected that Kate was perhaps carrying their second child, which now there is evidence of since that child’s birth.

The couple enjoyed recalling the fact that four years ago from the exact date of April 29, 2015 on April 29, 2011, they celebrated their wedding vows publicly in that the wedding was aired globally as a wonderful fairy tale type of celebration for fans of the British royalty to be able to watch.

The couple seems to be well matched and seems function well together with a spirit of unity and joy when acting in their public royal roles among the people. Kate’s title did not change until she officially announced that she did indeed consent to take Prince William as her lawfully wedded husband. Now since that time, she has been honored with the title of the Dutchess of Cambridge. She bares that title with honor, dignity, humility and grace. She is worthy to be so endowed.


Prince William seems to be gracious towards Kate. He seems to be in love with her and is tender and gentle with her when they are in public together as a couple. It is likely that they have quiet romantic chats and tender moments when they celebrate their anniversaries together. But those sentiments are not for public ears. Those are to be shared for the private hearts of Kate and William alone.